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Decking and Pergola Designs

When it comes to landscaping your backyard or landscaping your garden, its one of the best things you can do as a home owner  to improve the overall look of your home. It adds a unique feature to your house that makes it instantly comfortable and attractive.

The only problem is that landscaping is not easy at all. You may have a specific garden idea. From here, you dig up some ground, and then you buy a few plants, fertilizer, and accessories. Then you realize that you bought the wrong accessories, yet you still valiantly try to landscape your garden, which results in your garden not looking like what you had envisioned in the first place. This will cause you to have to re-model your backyard, which will cost you a lot more money. To avoid these difficulties, you should just hire a good landscaping service to realize your vision.

There are many landscaping designs that you can outfit your backyard with. You simply have to discuss with your landscaping representative. A great suggestion would be to have a deck and pergola built in your backyard. So first come up with a good pergola design.These landscaping designs make your home much more attractive and sophisticated. This is why pergola designs and deck designs are popular and have been sought after by people all around the world.

Decking and pergola landscaping designs for your garden

A deck and a pergola can be used for parties and get-togethers, let us first explore in depth what they are and what purposes they can serve your family on a warm day.

  • Pergola– This is an addition that you can add in your garden or backyard. A pergola  is a structure that is standing, which is where climbing plants are added to. Pergola designs can be crafted into vertical beams that have a roof that shelters the whole area. Pergolas make use of different woods for the structure and are covered with roofing that makes use of steel, aluminum, fiber glass, and many other materials. Pergola designs can have many shapes such as square, rectangular, and circular, depending on the design of the landscaping artists.
  • Deck- this is also found outside in your garden or backyard. Normally a deck is an elevated area made from different types of wood. The deck is where the pergola is built on so that the structure has an ideal platform to support the vertical beams and the roofing that will shelter the entertainment area. The deck is where the tables and chairs are placed for people to be able to gather around and eat a meal or enjoy each other’s company with some drinks and appetizers.


Different designs of decks and pergolas for your backyard

Enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your own garden is what having a deck and pergola is all about. Having these in your backyard will allow you to host dinners and parties where friends get together to enjoy a nice and relaxing evening in your backyards. If you have barbecues or lunch parties, decks and pergolas are perfect because there is sufficient roofing that will protect people from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some useful pergola designs that you may use for creating your ideal backyard.

  • Large living room pergola extension- If you have a living room that opens up into your garden, a suitable decking pergola is the Living Room Pergola Extension. This design allows people to be able to step out of the living room and be right underneath the pergola. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can either have 2 to 4 vertical slabs that will hold the roof of the pergola. The deck itself could be composed of would that extends a few feet into your garden. This will allow you to be able to put chairs, couches, and tables, as well as a barbecue stand and a refrigerator.
  • Small living room pergola extension- this decking pergola is perfect for people who have living rooms that open up into a small garden with limited space. This type of design is fit for having a maximum of two chairs and a small table. The purpose for this is to still be able to enjoy the outdoors while having a pergola to cover you from sun or rain.
  • Pergola on top of the entrance- Pergola design is more for architectural features than it is for practical use. In your home’s main entrance, you may have a pergola added on top of the door, wherein the beams will connect parallel to the perpendicularly to the wall. This will allow separate wooden beams to be placed on top as well as a cover of some sort to provide shelter from the rain or sun.
  • Separate outdoor decking pergola- If you have a large backyard or garden, a separate outdoor decking pergola is a fixture that you can build directly in the middle of your backyard. Here you can have 4 to 6 vertical beams and a roof that will protect the pergola. Inside the pergola you have so many options to add such as a Jacuzzi or a dining table that can seat up to 10 people. You may even have a brick oven installed in the event that you want to have cookouts there.
  • Pool-House decking pergola- If you have a pool with its own separate pool house for complete with a game room and showers, a good idea will be to install a pergola in the middle of the pool house and the pool. This will allow you to have a nice romantic dinner or lunch right in the middle of the pool and the pool house. This pergola can also act as effective shading for certain parts of the day when the sun becomes too hot or bright.